Students are encouraged to apply for internal and outside scholarships.

Dental Trustee Scholarships

The Admissions Committee selects D1 Trustee Scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee in the College of Dentistry selects D2 to D4 Trustee Scholarships.

  • Awarding is based on class rankings (GPA)
  • Amounts vary each year
  • Awarding is limited 
  • Amounts awarded depends on funding

After the Trustee scholarship has been authorized for awarding, the selected students can view their Trustee scholarship in the Financial Aid Award section on the Bisonweb portal.

Trustee Scholarship award amounts vary each academic year from $5,000 to the full cost of tuition: $42,632.

Award amount is usually distributed as:

one-half in the fall semester; and

one-half in the spring semester.

Main Campus Donor Scholarship Application

Each Spring semester, we send an HU Communication to students’ Bison emails to notify students of the window and instructions on how to apply.

This is a one-time award ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Students need to re-apply each year.

D2 to D4 Students can apply for the main campus Donor Scholarship during spring semester of each academic year.

Eligibility determination is based on the following academic year.

Outside Scholarships

Dental Scholarships

Students are encouraged to research these scholarships on their own and apply. 

When the Office of Financial Aid is notified of a specific and time sensitive scholarship directly, the information is sent out via Bison email of all possibly eligible/ relevant students.

Examples of scholarships students have been awarded/ offered in the past:

General Scholarships

Students are encouraged to seek these on their own and apply.