Scholarships and Loans

Students can take advantage of university scholarships, outside scholarships, federal loans and/or private loans.

Most of these resources have specific eligibility criteria. 

Please Note: Dental Graduate students are not eligible for work study or a fellowship.

Additional Q&A

How can I learn more about interest?

Check student aid website to answer questions like:

  • What is interest?
  • How is interest calculated?
  • What is capitalization and how does it relate to interest?
  • Who sets interest rates for federal student loans?
  • How can I determine how much of my payment will go toward my outstanding principal balance?


When am I charged for tuition/ bills?

Only Twice a year* 

Fall Semester- August
Spring Semester- January 
You are not charged for a summer semester*
*(This is subject to change in future academic years, as an annual review is made.)

If I accept the award offer, when does the interest kick in?

Interest accrues from the date of disbursement only on the amount that disburses. So the spring portion of the loan does not accrue interest until it disburses in January.

Am I able to accept a partial offer or no loans in fall and if accept more loans during the spring instead?

Yes, absolutely. You just want to make sure you pay your university bill some other way.

Can I accept a partial offer of loan and also enroll in the payment plan?

Yes, if the loan does not cover all your outstanding balance, you may both accept a loan and enroll in the payment plan.

Can I take housing and travel out of my cost of attendance?

No. The cost of attendance is just a figure to show the maximum amount you are allowed to receive in loans/ scholarships. It is not a bill and it is not a mandatory amount that you must borrow. It is just a general total advising of the maximum you are allowed to receive in financial aid. It is up to you to determine how much to borrow in loans to cover your indirect costs of housing, etc.

When do I apply for the graduate plus loan?

The window to apply opens each year on June 1st. The approved credit check expires after 6 months. 

For example, for the academic year 2021-2022, students would apply for the Grad Plus Loan on June 1, 2021. 

Remember to budget wisely

  • Live like a student, not like a doctor!
  • Only spend money on the necessities and educational related expenses
  • Find housing that fits within your budget. ($1400-$1600 a month) Note that the amount allotted for housing in the cost of attendance each academic year is subject to change annually. 
  • Consider the options:
    • Have a Roommate
    • Live in the surrounding metropolitan areas
    • Take the metro